Essencial - Holistica - Somatic Experiencing®

Velicano is an oasis. Flora and fauna, warmth and sun, birds, squirrels and other free animals are visiting this place. You are invited to connect with the breath of the earth and yours anew. You get the possibility to strengthen the healthy part in yourself.

"Your body is your home and if you do not care today, where do you want to live tomorrow?"


In Velicano - Verde nutrition takes a value place. We nourish our guests and ourselves with a huge variety of natural vegan diet, therefore neither animals nor the environment have to live in suffering.

We try to live as much as possible a "Zero Waste Life Style" to avoid waste.


In addition to the comprehensive and healthy vegan diet, you have the possibility of taking individual holistic nutrition sessions, adapted to your lifestyle. You'll get tips, recipes and answers to all your questions.


If there are issues that affect you or discomfort daily, we offer a sensitive, peaceful and healing work. In combination of bodywork and trauma therapy "Somatic Experiencing®" founded by Dr. Peter Levine, it comes to soothe and heal trauma, pain, chronic symptoms, etc. through the body language of your nervous system, feelings, images, sensations, etc. and letting go of old patterns of surviving, to feel more secure and comfortable in your life.

Essencial - Holistica

Somatic Experiencing®